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Why I Love Faimon Empty Why I Love Faimon

Post by VIBER8 on Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:34 pm

Stage 1 Normal Mode is the best to play for leveling water monsters (anything but wind basically).

At a cost of 3 energy it's fairly cheap, and the energy returns are amazing. I often find 3 energy every 2 battles.
With an experience output of 3024 total it makes for quick levels. This means that in a group of 4 monsters that can earn xp each gets 756. If you take a friends monster the total only gets divided by 3 meaning 1008 xp for each of your monsters.

Fire Hellhounds drop like crazy which can be used to power up other monsters or other hellhound skills (I personally love water with the group attack).

I'm currently running through with a 5 star neal who is still leveling and 3 various water monsters who need to be leveled. I run it on auto and rarely lose more than one monster per battle, but they still get xp.


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